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Lung Cancer Alliance

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1700 K Street NW
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Washington,  DC 20006
Phone: 800-298-2436

Saving lives and advancing research through patient support, education and advocacy. We work tirelessly to improve outcomes, eliminate stigma and secure public health research dollars.

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Real Life Story

Jack Martins is a Marine Corps veterans and a lung cancer survivor. In November 2013, Jack's wife saw a news segment that highlighted the free low dose CT scans being offered to veterans, in honor of Veterans Day, at a nearby hospital. Veterans have a higher incidence rate of lung cancer than the general population. She shared the segment with Jack, since he had smoked up to four packs of cigarettes a day for over 50 years. After learning the risk factors, Jack realized he would be crazy not to take advantage of this offer. A welcoming Nurse Navigator performed a risk assessment on Jack and informed him that he is a prime candidate for a low dose CT scan. Two days after getting the scan, a quick and easy process, Jack received a phone call with the words no one wants to hear - they had found something on his right lung that didn't look right. After meeting with a Pulmonologist and getting a Pet CAT Scan to assist in determining the problem, they found out it was lung cancer. Hearing the news was shocking, but he powered through the process to learn more about how he could fight this. Jack's doctor brought a sense of relief when he told him that he was confident he could remove the cancer completely through surgery and have Jack home the next day. He proved to be a man of his word! Since January 7, 2014, Jack has had two additional scans which showed no additional problems!

Jack's experience shows that early detection and low-dose CT scans are critical to successful treatment for lung cancer. Early detection can save lives. For questions about risk or screening, please call our HelpLine at 1- 800-298-2436.

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